Saturday, October 16, 2010

The History of Kent's Brain Tumor

On a very cold night in March of 2005, Kent was loading a tank car at work when he experienced a number of neurological symptoms, including slurred speech. Assuming he had just gotten too cold, he did not go to the ER.

Increasing headaches followed, which were attributed to an ongoing sinus infection. Prior to sinus surgery, x-rays and an MRI revealed 2 "ghost shaped spots" above the right eye on Kent's brain.

Never correctly diagnosed by either Neurologist, these "inactive areas" of Kent's brain were said to have been the result of a stroke he experienced in his mother's womb and were determined to be non-cancerous.

Continuing headaches and difficulty concentrating brought about a new MRI in September of 2010. It showed that the two "ghosts" had grown together, confirming that Kent has a brain tumor. Initial feedback indicates that both the right and left sides of the tumor can be removed, but the central area of the tumor is inoperable.

Kent's story will continue on the Raisin' Cain blog ...