Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Biopsy Results = No Real Answers

Although he still has terrible headaches, Kent is doing well and returned to work on Monday.

Last Tuesday they met with the surgeon to discuss the results of the biopsy and, as it turns out, Dr. Pakzaban is a man of few words. Kent was told that the tissue sample revealed dead or damaged brain tissue from an old stroke. Period, end of story.

While being VERY happy that there is no tumor, it is frustrating to have gone through this procedure and come away with no answers. Why was he told that the "dead areas" had gotten larger? Are they actually larger, or was it the build-up of fluid? Why is there a build-up of fluid? Is the fluid causing the headaches? When did this stroke happen? What is the likelihood of it happening again? Is this a progressive or static situation?

This line of questioning resulted in a very disappointing response from Dr. Pakzaban. Kent was told "that is not his area of expertise". Enough said about Dr. Pakzaban.

What is important is that Kent does not have a brain tumor. We pray that the headaches will end and that Kent can come to peace with not having the answers he had hoped to gain.