Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brain Surgery

The next step in Kent's condition is determining exactly what these "ghost shaped" inactive areas of his brain are. The slow growth over the last five years has led his doctor to believe it is a tumor, but the only way to confirm the diagnosis and determine the right course of action is through a "biopsy for right frontal lobe brain lesion with Stealth".

Kent has selected Dr. Peyman Pakzaban, his neurologist, to perform this procedure at Bayshore Medical Center on Wednesday, November 17. He is scheduled to arrive at 8am, with surgery at 11am, and will spend one night in the ICU followed by one night on the Neuro floor. If everything goes well, he will be released on Friday evening to go home with a three week recovery period before returning to work or additional surgery/treatment.

Visitation in the ICU is very limited, so Toni & Mary will text out information that will be posted on the blog. Please become a follower (see lower right hand panel) to receive email updates when new information is posted, or simply bookmark and check back often for updates and information.

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