Thursday, January 13, 2011

PHOTOS ... (Warning if You're Squeamish)

Kent has continued to make progress today - although he was in some pain and had another nausea attack, he was awake and moving around some. Kent has been adjusting to his "new look" and thought we should share a few photos on the blog so friends and family, who have not seen him, will understand what he has been through and know that he is recovering.

Although Kent's speech isn't entirely clear, he is easily understood and is piecing together what happened to him over the last few days. There isn't much that's funny about this situation, but I have to share a story. On Monday morning, Ed and Mary arrived to usher Kent into the pre-op area and during this transition he told them he wasn't hungry because he had eaten a hamburger at about midnight. Everyone thought that was hilarious ... the hospital would NEVER give a hamburger to a patient with the very real possibility of having emergency surgery during the night.

Yesterday one of the nurses was doing something in the room and mentioned Kent's hamburger. Turns out he DID eat a burger on Sunday night - shame on us for not believing him!

Here's a photo of Kent (taken today) giving the thumbs up and sending a message that he's OK.

Today they removed the drain tube that's visible in the next photos. Kent also learned that as part of this surgery, a piece of his skull was removed and cryogenically frozen. As bad as that sounds, this section of skull was not replaced during the surgery to allow room for the brain to swell and not be damaged. He will undergo another surgery to repair his skull in 4 to 6 months.

This photo was taken on Monday when he was first brought back into the ICU from recovery - he was sleeping off the anesthesia.

In this post-op photo you can see the bandages along the incision and the site where the blood clot was removed. The blotches around his neck are Betadine Antiseptic (not blood).

Kent has been through a lot and appreciates your kind thoughts and prayers. Keep 'em coming!

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